Saturday, November 3, 2012

Oddkins: A Fable for All Ages by Dean Koontz

When the death of their creator leaves them without protection, a band of magic living toys must attempt a dangerous journey across the city to another toyshop, while under attack from evil toys serving the Dark One.

Ok, apparently I've been living under a rock because I never knew Dean Koontz wrote a childrens book. What? Yes, you did hear that right. Dean Koontz, wrote something that wasn't a suspense or mystery for adults. I wasn't sure what to expect when I started to read Oddkins and I must say I was totally floored. Never did I think Koontz would be able to pull off a childrens book but he did and effortlessly I might add.

The illustrations were magnificent. While reading the book and getting swept away in the story line, I found myself looking forward to the next picture. So kudos to Phil Parks for a job well done. Oddkins is a sort of good vs. evil, hold your breath it might take a quick turn kind of book. This particular book draws definite lines between good and evil which even the younger children can understand. Time is running out and they must find another toy maker or they will be taken over by someone who is pure evil.

I highly suggest the purchase of this book whether you are a parent wanting to read it to your children, or an adult curious as to Dean Koontz' foray into childrens books. This is the perfect book to read to your children one chapter at a time at bedtime. So glad I stumbled upon this book and was able to experience Dean Koontz as a children's writer.

Here is the link to purchase the Kindle version

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